(Buy, Sale, Letting)


We offer Real Estate services to our clients covering both residential and commercial properties. We assist our clients to Buy, Sell or Let out their properties. Our goal is to put families into homes, find the best Real Estate assets for our clients looking to invest, and assist organizations with their Real Estate needs. Click here to access our Real Estate property portfolio.


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We assist Landlords by helping them to manage their Real Estate assets professionally. We focus on sustainable property management, where we advise our clients to ensure that their property is energy efficient, they take steps to ensure water conservation, they maintain sustainable practices in the property such as composting and recycling and they care for the environment including managing green spaces around the property.



We offer advisory services to our clients who are looking to acquire or develop real estate as an asset class. The services we offer are:


  • Real Estate market research and analysis.
  • Real Estate investment strategy and portfolio management.
  • Real Estate Project finance consulting.



We offer the private office service of buying and selling luxury properties discreetly in East Africa. We provide this service to our clients by ensuring that the real estate transaction is done discreetly without the whole world knowing about it through public listings and advertising.

We offer the bespoke service to select clients and we confidentially oversee your property requirements and offer property asset management. Through our networks, we aim to get you the best price for your property and when you are purchasing a property, we work to ensure that we get you your dream property with the requirements you need and we work with you to acquire it with complete discretion and privacy.


We offer Real Estate services to the diaspora and diaspora investment groups. Beyond our regular services in Estate Agency, Property Management, and Real Estate advisory services, we also assist the diaspora to access mortgages and project finance for Real Estate development. We work with our clients from inception to conclusion of the Real Estate transaction and we offer excellent customer service.