Picking The Right Realtor

When you want to sell your house, 1 acre of land or some commercial space you own, a Real Estate Agent comes to mind. Basically , the first people we inquire agents information from is relatives or friends so as not to go wrong as there’s a lot of fraudsters in this industry.

If you are fortunate enough you’ll get a good referral from friends and relatives hence selling your property more peacefully. On the other hand, for those who are unfortunate of getting similar results normally end up having to search for these agents themselves. So what are some of the things that you should be keen at when searching for a realtor, commonly known as agents here in Kenya.

3 tips;

  1. Look for a certified realtor- A realtor who is registered or licensed to sell property has a genuine background and if anything goes wrong, they can be easily traced down by the authorities.
  2. Check references- Ask around about the realtor you are trying to work with.Inquire from your friends and relatives and try to gauge if you can get a positive recommendation from someone. Working with realtors who have no success stories from previous clients is a bit challenging ; if no-one has ever heard of them before, it raises eyebrows.
  3. Consider the agents experience and capabilities- Find out about their experience in the Real Estate industry, their market knowledge so as to be able you fetch a worthy price out of the property you are selling. Research a little bit about the projects the agent has previously done and measure the success rate.

After mapping out the top 3 important factors; go with your gut feeling because TRUST is also important. Feeling at ease with someone handling the process as you carry on with your daily tasks will make the process more relaxing for you.


Published By: Mercy Gitau

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