When you just thought how affordable houses are becoming, Karibu Homes takes it to another level. Karibu Homes has transformed the lives of first time home buyers with great projects at affordable rates at the heart of Athi River town. They understand that the lower middle class would also love to own a home as they advance in their various job departments and it is with this that they set up affordable apartments.

Let’s take a look at this; a standard 2 bedroom with 1 bath going for 2.94 M, isn’t that a good deal for a first time home buyer? Keeping in mind that this property will appreciate in value as the years go by. Another cool deal; 3 bedroom with 2 bath (master en-suite) going for 5.05 M, amazing right?

Karibu Homes has a variety of projects underway specifically geared to that first home buyer and the finishes are classy for that price so don’t panic! Get an affordable home with Karibu Homes and my oh my, the payment terms are very very friendly.

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